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The Proceedings of the 43rd Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics are out!

As of today, the Proceedings of the 43rd Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics is out! I was the editor for these proceedings, just like I was for the 42nd and 39th symposia. This year’s proceedings consists of 7 submissions: 5 full papers and 2 extended abstracts. Altogether, the submissions represent 82 pages of sciency goodness.

The symposium itself was at Geilo on January 26–29, 2020. It gathered 56 participants from various countries (mostly Norway, admittedly), both from academia and the industry. Even with some last-minute changes, where the original organiser suddenly couldn’t go and asked me the day before the conference if I could take over, everything went quite well. The fact that the symposium is so informal and relaxed really helped. Many of the participants have been there for ages and know each other well already. I’m no exception, having been there almost every year since the 32nd symposium in 2009.

As I wrote about earlier, I have formerly published the proceedings through As we had some problems with that approach in 2019, we tried something different this year. Instead of arXiv, we published the proceedings through While it’s a bit too early to say for sure yet, I think this approach was quite successful. I might write a blog post as a kind of tutorial on this approach someday.

We’re planning next year’s symposium, the 44th in the series, to be at Geilo from January 31 to February 3, 2021. Hopefully, the coronavirus won’t get in our way, and it will turn out to be yet another nice, interesting, and social symposium.

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