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robot looking at a well log

New adventures in assisted well log interpretation

It’s been a while since my last update on my work on assisted well log interpretation through machine learning. The good news is that I have been quite busy on the topic in the meantime. In fact, I have been collaborating with Equinor, which is Norway’s biggest oil and gas company as well as an industry partner in my research group CIUS. This collaboration led to a tool for assisted well log interpretation that is now in active use by Equinor’s cased hole logging group. More on that below!

Automatic interpretation of well logs

At CIUS, we’ve recently been working on automatic interpretation of well logs through machine learning. In July, the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering published this work as an article, which I wrote together with Ioan Alexandru Merciu (Equinor), Lasse Løvstakken (NTNU/CIUS) and Svein-Erik Måsøy (NTNU/CIUS). Our article is open access, so you can always go read the full thing wherever you are. But if you feel like reading a shorter summary instead of a 17-page article, this blog post is for you.